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Eggplant, Black Beauty

Eggplant, Black Beauty


Just a bit of trivia for fun...

Native to India, the eggplant has been cultivated for 1500 years in Asia. It is known as Aubergine or Brinjal in many countries. Early American settlers called it Eggplant because early varieties resembled goose eggs! Eggplants come in many different shapes and colours and are a source of dietary fibre & a number of micronutrients.


This variety is an early productive eggplant with extra large fruits with an attractive shiny black colour and green calyxes.


    Available in 4" pots


    Shipping is not available at this time. All seedling pre-orders will be available for pick up at the farm's Seedling Sale in late May 2023. Dates TBD.

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