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Pastured Organic Eggs

the Greenery's  small flock of mixed heritage breed laying hens are organically fed and rotationally grazed on pasture, meaning each week we move them along to a fresh supply of vegetation, ensuring an abundance of food for them, and evenly distributed manure for us. 


Free-range eggs have 10% less fat, 40% more vitamin A and 400 times the omega-3 fatty acids compared to cage-raised eggs! 


Keeping happy hens keeps us, our customers, and the soil & microbe community happy!

Pastured chickens_sunset_edited.jpg



An egg share includes 1 dozen farm-fresh, pasture-raised organic eggs each week. Egg shares are of limited availability for folks to sign up for a weekly dozen, picked up here at the farm every Friday (year round) or at the Meaford Farmers Market, June through September. Egg Shares are billed monthly for the corresponding number of Fridays in the coming month at $8/dozen.

To become a regular egg customer at the Greenery, please get in touch here.


As they are available, our organic eggs from the farm are $8/dozen.

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