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the Greenery’s native plant nursery specializes in Ontario native perennials, wildflowers, and herbs with some trees and shrubs. Our plants are chosen for their beauty, low maintenance, and because they attract and support a wide variety of pollinators and beneficial insects needed to grow our food and to maintain a healthy balance in our environment.


A Nursery Grower’s Values & Ethics


Biodiversity is the strength of our ecosystems and native plants help create shelter and provide food vital for insects, butterflies, and hummingbirds. While many ‘newcomer’ exotic non-native plants have a role in wild gardens providing for a small number of species, native plants are host to a wide array of species -- all while improving overall health and resiliency.

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Why choose native plants for your home garden?


Native plants are wonderful for the home gardener looking to foster life and enjoy an endless source of interest. You’ll find it’s less work if you use native plants as they don't need fertilizer or watering and are more resistant to pests. See our list of  10 reasons to choose native plants for your landscape & gardens.

Resiliency emerges when a species is genetically adapted to their soil and climate conditions. All our native plant inventory is grown from seeds collected from local parent plants. Our seed collection practice follows strict ethical guidelines beginning with assessing the wild population for signs of sustainability. We never collect from the first plant we find and make sure to only take a small percentage (less than 10%) of seed from these wild native plants.  We also make sure to collect seed from many plants within a population in order to ensure high genetic diversity, and never collect more than we need. Following these rules ensures future generations will find these natural populations prolific, just as diverse -- and that our native plants will thrive when planted in suitable conditions due to their genetic provenance.

As with our market gardens and orchards, ecological practices are used for growing our potted nursery stock. We use organic potting soils and fertilizers, and no chemical pesticides. We are committed to protecting our environment and building the strength of our local ecology.

Contract Growing

Plants are sold wholesale for various-sized restoration projects on a contract basis. We will also have a variety for sale at retail prices via the farm stand throughout the growing season for your smaller home garden & landscaping needs. 


Please contact us with inquiries for your native plant needs! However, as we do not have a phone line with staff to receive calls, please email us at and we will respond within a timely manner. We value each and every one of our customers and strive for satisfaction with regards to the product and services we provide.

Consultation Services

Private landowners and those looking to start or revitalize their gardens might need fresh eyes or an experienced perspective. The Greenery offers experienced ecological restoration consultations and planting plans to promote biodiversity specific to your project or area. 



Services offered for terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems:

  • Native planting plans for the home gardener

  • Ecological Restoration Consulting

  • Ecosystem Land Classification (ELC) surveying

  • Flora and fauna surveys

  • Species At Risk (SAR) research



Please contact us for more information about any of our services.

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