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Hello Farm Friends!

Welcome to the Greenery's online market stall! Here you can find produce items within season, any processed garden goods we have available (like frozen berries!) as well as the ever-evolving native plant nursery inventory.

Please use the 'filter' option to better find the items you are after. All items in the store are listed under their designated category.

A note about our native plants:

All our native plant inventory is grown from seeds collected from local parent plants. Our seed collection practice follows strict ethical guidelines beginning with assessing the wild population for signs of sustainability. We never collect from the first plant we find and make sure to only take a small percentage (less than 10%) of seed from these wild native plants.  We also make sure to collect seed from many plants within a population in order to ensure high genetic diversity, and never collect more than we need. Following these rules ensures future generations will find these natural populations prolific, just as diverse -- and that our native plants will thrive when planted in suitable conditions due to their genetic provenance.

Want to offer our products to a friend?

Purchase an eGift Card & they can choose their own and use their gift card at checkout!

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