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Native Plants

10 reasons to choose native plants for your landscape & gardens:

1.  Native plants are adapted to local environmental conditions

2. Native plants require far less water, fertilizer, and pesticides

3. Native plants require little to no maintenance

4. Utilizing native plants saves time, money, and (our most valuable resource) 


5. Native plants provide vital habitat for birds, butterflies, insects, and many

    other species of wildlife

6. Native plants contribute greatly to soil health through symbiotic relationships

     with microscopic organisms

7.  Native plants have the ability to pull and store excess carbon

8. Native plants provide splendor to your landscape!

  •  Native plant gardens can be sculpted formal spaces designed with harmony,

         unity and interest

  • Native plants provide a wealth of colours, textures, varying heights, and bloom


9. Native plants are healthier and stronger – they are more likely to establish quickly and will naturally be hardy and healthy

10. Planting native plants instead of non-natives strengthens our local ecology and helps to re-establish the original               

       ecosystem of the region.

11.  Many species of wildlife do not recognize non-natives and cannot use them for food or shelter

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